This blog is a space to discuss and debate new lines of development thinking, as the realm of global development is undergoing fundamental change. As the global development architecture continues to become more complex, development goals and modalities evolve, traditional assumptions about international development no longer necessarily hold. It’s time to rethink global development, how development is practiced, best practices and lessons learned.  

The current global financial instability and downturn in the advanced economies is adding to the scale of challenges which we face in ensuring sustainable growth and poverty reduction in international development and the provision of global public goods. Both the developed countries and the emerging donors (both state and private donors) need to re-evaluate their roles in global development. Gregory Chin has talked about this rethinking and the practical implications in an earlier interview (Dec 2011), posted on our website, that looks ahead to the new challenges in global development governance for 2012. He noted that the global development system and the world economy are undergoing fundamental shifts, and that we need to adjust our frames of reference and analysis – to take account of new thinking and practices that are reshaping international development.  

We’ll discuss more in future posts. Especially breakdowns or needed break-throughs in the global aid architecture, and innovations in thinking and practice that are emerging from the rising countries of Brazil, India, China and South Africa. Russia. The Gulf state donors. The ‘Next 11’, including Korea, Chile, Turkey, etc. And private philanthropic donors.

This blog will continue to emphasize the changing nature of global development, with a particular focus on the emerging donors. The themes will be influenced by issues of the day, and from time to time, we will analyze the significance of major global summits and forums (i.e. Rio+20, Mexican G20, etc).

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  • @MukeshKapila: Still idealistic, passionate, optimistic. Former Under SecretaryGeneral Int Fed RedCross RedCrescent. Earlier UN, WHO, UKDFID etc. Now fully myself, at last. ☺
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