On April 28, the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) will launch a new online initiative – The Security Sector Reform (SSR) Resource Centre. The website is intended to serve as a hub and meeting place for SSR practitioners, analysts, policy-makers and interested observers from across the world. The Resource Centre will provide timely information and analysis on the SSR process in Afghanistan and other countries around the world. Among the features of the site are: - A blog highlighting recent developments in the SSR field - A calendar listing SSR-related events across the world - Country profiles for countries/regions undergoing SSR - Multimedia content, including video and audio interviews of SSR experts - Access to CIGI’s SSR research, including the quarterly SSR Monitor To receive the updates from the Resource Centre you can subscribe to an RSS feed, sign up for a monthly e-newsletter or simply bookmark the site at www.ssrresourcecentre.org. You can also follow the project on Twitter @SSRCentre
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