One Internet is the final report and vision of the Global Commission on Internet Governance. It is the culmination of two years of work by the Commission’s 29 commissioners, 45 research advisers, and its two founding partners, the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and Chatham House. Chaired by former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, the Commission was launched in January 2014 with the goal of putting forward recommendations to promote a single, open, inclusive, and secure Internet for all.

The Commission’s final report contains a series of concrete recommendations that touch on the rights and responsibilities of all actors who have a role to play in shaping the future of the Internet, including governments, civil society, the private sector, the technical community, and others. Following are 18 key recommendations from the report, grouped according to the four foundational aspects of a robust, healthy Internet: open, secure, trustworthy and inclusive of all.

Key Recommendations:


The Commission envisions a world in which the Internet reaches its full economic and social potential, where fundamental human rights such as privacy and freedom of expression are protected online. This optimistic future can only be achieved if there is universal agreement to collectively develop a new social compact ensuring that the Internet continues on track to become more accessible, inclusive, secure and trustworthy.





The Commission’s full report, with all recommendations is available online at For more information on the Global Commission on Internet Governance, including its 29 commissioners and 45 research advisers, as well as many of the research papers that informed One Internet, please visit: Follow the commission on Twitter @OurInternetGCIG.

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