The G20 Sherpas are meeting in Ottawa Canada over the next two days.  Unusually a leaked discussion paper has given us a peak at the preparation for the Toronto summit scheduled for June (Mike Blanchfield, “Canada’s top G20 priority: Make sure nations don’t turn off taps too soon, The Global and Mail (Thursday, March 18, 2010) p. A1) This meeting is another in a series of sherpa and sous sherpa meetings that plan for the G20 summit. 

According to the leaked document Canada is concerned that the upcoming Toronto summit make good on the commitments made in Pittsburgh to deliver on promoting strong sustainable growth. 

Canada apparently is also concerned that there is no “premature withdrawal” from fiscal stimulus by the G20 countries.  Canadian objectives in addition to promoting strong, sustainable and balanced growth include: “strengthening financial and regulatory systems, resisting protectionism and promoting trade and investment and reforming international financial institutions.”

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