Three University Students Win National Award

March 10, 2004

Ottawa, ON - The Educational Foundation of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians has selected the winners of its national essay competition. The theme of the contest was The World Bank, the IMF and Democratic Reform - The Canadian Perspective.

The winners have won cash prizes and a trip to Ottawa as guests of honour at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians.

"This essay contest has produced excellent work. Our prize essays are insightful, original and valuable. They contribute to the debate about the work of the International Financial Institutions," noted Dr. John English, Chair of the Educational Foundation.

The Educational Foundation of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians, in partnership with the Centre for International Governance Innovation, invited undergraduate students from Canadian colleges and universities to enter a national essay competition. Essays were judged on originality, creativity and good substance.

The Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians began in 1987 and was established by an Act of Parliament in 1996. The Association, dedicated to democracy building in Canada and abroad, is made up of all former Senators and former Members of the House of Commons. It is managed by an elected national Board of Directors and has established the Educational Foundation as a separate, charitable organization with its own Board of Directors elected from members of the Association.

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