Waterloo, Canada - The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), a leading Canadian research centre focused on international relations and policy, has partnered with The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation to create an online knowledge hub to inspire ideas and foster dialogue on issues of societal debate.

The Trudeau Foundation is an international network of academics working and researching on issues of human rights and social justice, responsible citizenship, Canada and the world, and humans in their natural environment. With such a large and distributed network of active scholars, the Trudeau Foundation created an interactive online community that brings scholars together and encourages communication and innovation within CIGI's IGLOO Network.

"The Trudeau Community is pleased to be a partner within the IGLOO Network. Through this new community, the Trudeau Foundation is building worldwide connections that facilitate debate and virtual and physical collaboration of scholarly working groups through the use of forums, blogs and document sharing. IGLOO fosters a fruitful dialogue between scholars and policymakers," said Johanne McDonald, Director of Operations of the Foundation.

Dan Latendre, CIGI's Chief Information Officer, said, "IGLOO offers NGOs and Think Tanks from around the world with cost effective alternatives for deploying and managing collaborative environments over the web such as the new Trudeau Community. Working with our design teams, the Trudeau Foundation created a custom online community from the ground up. Each IGLOO solution is deployed, hosted and managed within the IGLOO data centre, saving on implementation and ongoing administrative costs."

The IGLOO Network is an international knowledge exchange for individuals and organizations studying, working or advising on global governance issues. It's through this network, where members can connect to people and information regardless of social, political or geographical boundaries to foster dialogue and inspire ideas.

About the Trudeau Foundation

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation establishes a unique dialogue between outstanding scholars in the social sciences and humanities, and creative individuals with an interest in issues in public policy in government, the professions, business, the arts, and the voluntary sector. Well beyond funding research, the Foundation's goal is to generate and enhance public debate on society's major issues and to provide citizens of Canada and the world with a deeper experience of, and commitment to, democracy. Visit: www.trudeaufoundation.ca

Case Study: Trudeau Foundation and IGLOO- Uniting Great Thinkers to Inspire Us All

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