Organized by Marilyn Cade- ­­­­­­­Principal and CEO, mCADE, ICT Strategies @MarilynCade

Moderated by: Peter Dengate Thrush- Member, United Nations Internet Governance Forum,

Multistakeholder Advisory Group @pdengatethrush


Marian Gordon-Director, Telecommunications & Standards, Department of StateCarolyn Nguyen- Director, Technology Policy, MicrosoftLaura DeNardis- Professor, School of Communication, American University @LauraDeNardisDavid Gross- Partner, Wiley ReinMatthew Shears- Director, Global Internet Policy and Human Rights Project, Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)Carolina Rossini- Vice President, International Policy and Strategy, Public Knowledge @carolinarossini

In 2015, the United Nation’s General Assembly will review the World Summit on Information Society [WSIS] Implementation, as WSIS achieves its 10th anniversary. This review has already benefitted from UNESCO, ITU, and CSTD...

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