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Organized Chaos: Reimagining the Internet

The Internet has economic, political and social importance as a public good. In this new book, experts explore Internet governance challenges and strategies.

East Asia-Arctic Relations: Boundary, Security and International Politics

Now available, this book explores the historic, contemporary and future dimensions of East Asian countries’ relationships and interests in the Arctic.

Crisis and Reform: Canada and the International Financial System

The 28th edition of Canada Among Nations explores Canada and the financial crisis along with the country's role in the global financial system.

Off Balance: The Travails of Institutions That Govern the Global Financial System

In Off Balance, Paul Blustein weaves a compelling narrative that details the failings of financial institutions during the 2008 global financial crisis.

A Diplomat’s Handbook for Democracy Development Support

This new book presents a wide variety of specific experiences of diplomats on the ground, identifying creative, human and material resources.

Canada-Africa Relations: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

In the 2013 edition of Canada Among Nations, contributors explore Canada and Africa’s rich history, taking stock of what has been accomplished.
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