The Arctic Circle facilitates working meetings across issues and organizations and provides a forum for discussions hosted by different international and Arctic institutions. The annual program is designed in collaboration with partnering organizations, with the 2015 meeting being devoted to examining the challenges that will follow the COP21 conference in Paris, with special emphasis on global climate diplomacy.  

As moderator of a plenary session, CIGI Senior Fellow John Higginbotham will speak about Canadian Arctic policy, including the Arctic Council and Arctic Economic Council and their complementarity with Arctic Circle.

Event Speakers

Photo of John Higginbotham

John Higginbotham

CIGI Senior Fellow

An experienced practitioner and scholar of transportation and global governance, John Higginbotham joined CIGI as a senior fellow in 2013. With over 30 years of service with the Government of Canada, including international assignments, his current research focuses on Arctic governance.