Director of the Global Economy Program Domenico Lombardi and Senior Fellows Pierre Siklos, Martin Guzman, and Barry Eichengreen will participate in this conference focusing on the challenges associated with monetary shifts and the possible outcomes.

Pierre Siklos will present on the panel "Rising Financial Stability Risks? Macroprudential and Capital Account Toolkits: Harmonious or Discretionary Approach?" Domenico Lombardi will chair the panel "China’s Entry into the Global Financial System: A Reset of the International Financial Architecture.

Event Speakers

Photo of Pierre Siklos

Pierre Siklos

Senior Fellow

Pierre Siklos is a CIGI senior fellow. His research interests include applied time series analysis and monetary policy, with a focus on inflation and financial markets.

Photo of Martin Guzman

Martin Guzman

Senior Fellow

Martin Guzman is a CIGI senior fellow. He contributes to research on sovereign debt restructuring, specifically investigating the sovereign debt crises in Argentina and Greece. 

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