Andrew Hunt

Thursday, January 24, 2008 - 11:45 AM
CIGI, 57 Erb Street West, Waterloo, Canada
Jan 24

A Resilient People: Living with the Legacy of the Vietnam War

This talk will focus on three extraordinary Vietnamese figures who, in recent decades, have struggled to build bridges between Vietnam and the rest of the world. It is a story about the legacies of war and the hope for reconciliation. It is a journey into the heart of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. This talk will highlight the simple courage and heroic perseverenace of the Vietnamese people, those in Vietnam and those who have settled overseas. Despite the fact that the Vietnamese still live in the shadow of two long wars that devastated their nation, they have show remarkable resilience in rebuilding their country and creating a robust nation. This is the story of how ordinary Vietnamese men and women sought to heal from the past and find meaning in the present.

A light lunch is provided to those who RSVP.

Speaker Bio

Author of: "The Anti-Vietnam War Movement, 1965-1975." Extended encyclopedia entry. Immanuel Ness, ed. The Encyclopedia of American Social Movements (M. E. Sharpe, 2004). The Turning: Vietnam Veterans Against the War (New York: New York University Press, 1999; published in a softcover edition in 2001 and selected by Choice as a Book of the Year in 2001

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