Brookings-CIGI-CFGS Conference: International Institutional Reform and Global Governance

Thursday, May 4, 2006 - 12:00 AM
The Brookings Institution, Washington, USA
May 4

This two day conference is a joint initiative of The Brookings Institution, The Centre for International Governance Innovation and The Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria. It is the culmination of a seminar series held by Brookings that has been supported by CIGI and CFGS. These seminars have brought together Washington-based officials from G-20 countries to discuss the reform issues and prospects of individual international institutions and their implications for global governance. The conference will have a special focus on summit reform, expanding the number of countries and the representatives of the annual summits, currently under the auspices of the G8, in addressing global challenges and issues. Attendance is by invitation only.

Scheduled Panels include:
Congruence of Global Governance Reforms and Reform of the Bretton Woods Institutions
The Size, Composition and Role of the Executive Boards in the Bretton Woods Institutions: Voting Shares and Voting Rules
Perspectives on IFI Reform and Future Options
Functions of Summits: Global Challenges and Issues
Form Follows Function in Summit Reform: A Discussion
Alternatives for Summit Reform: Toward More Democratic Governance
Do the Pieces Add Up? Are there Elements for a ‘Grand Bargain’?

This event is co-sponsored by:

The Brookings Institution, CIGI and CFGS.