Brookings & CIGI Lunch Seminar: A Framework for G20 Cooperation

Friday, April 15, 2011 12:00 PM

Paul Jenkins, distinguished fellow at CIGI and former senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, and Paola Subacchi, research director for International Economics at Chatham House, will discuss strengthening diagnostic capabilities of G20 nations to better understand the impact international cooperation has on domestic and global policy objectives. The discussants, drawing lessons from past cooperation efforts, will also lay out how G20 nations can cooperatively face pressing challenges, and recommend a framework for cooperation to prevent future crises and promote economic growth.

Detailed analysis and recommendations are summarized in the recently released report from Chatham House and CIGI: Preventing Crises and Promoting Economic Growth: A Framework for International Policy Cooperation.

Brookings senior fellow, Ralph Bryant, will chair the session. His research focuses on international economics, open-economy macroeconomics, and governance for international institutions.

Event Speaker

Paul Jenkins is a CIGI distinguished fellow. He contributes expertise on international policy coordination and financial stability, with a particular interest in the Group of Twenty. Previously he served as senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada.