CIGI Debate Series: Live Broadcast of Munk Debate on Climate Change

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 6:30 PM
CIGI, 57 Erb Street West, Waterloo, Canada
Dec 1
CIGI is a Partner Institution for the upcoming Munk Debate on Climate Change. Pre-Debate 6:30pm to 6:45pm CIGI Climate Change Research Update. To read more about CIGI's Climate Change research please visit: Debate 6:45pm to 9:00pm Live broadcast from Toronto in CIGI's Atrium of Munk Debate on Climate Change. Cost: $5/ticket Seating is limited and is first come, first serve. Attendees are asked to bring their e-ticket print-outs to the event for entry. To purchase your ticket please go to: C02 levels in the atmosphere are climbing steadily higher. Some believe this is having a devastating effect on humans and nature, while others argue that the threat has been overstated. Is this the moment for a bold international treaty to curb carbon emissions? Or, are the social and economic costs of reducing C02 emissions too high in world where a billion people live on a dollar or less a day? Just days before the United Nation’s historic Copenhagen summit the Munk Debates will tackle one of the great public policy questions of our time: how should the world respond to climate change? Debate Polling Information All attendees of this satellite event are encouraged to participate in the exclusive Munk Debate SMS voting system. There will be 4 text message polls that will allow audience members to "check-in" and vote on the debate. The first vote will be at the beginning of the event, the second after the opening statements, the third after the cross-examination, and the last at the end of the debate. Register now by texting "Vote" to 89865. The 4 questions and results will be texted to your phone. Please note, your standard text messaging rates will apply. Prior to the debate, be sure to join in the online Debate Forum at: What are the Munk Debates? The Munk Debates are open to the public. Each event begins at 6:45 p.m. with a vote by the audience on the resolution being debated. The debaters then provide opening arguments and cross-examine each other. A question and answer period with the audience follows. A well-known moderator keeps the proceedings orderly. The debate wraps up with a summation by each debater and a second vote by the audience on the resolution. The final vote is tallied and the winning side announced at 9pm. CBC Radio's Ideas, The Globe and Mail and CPAC take each event's discussion to the larger public. The Munk Debates is an initiative of the Aurea Foundation, a charitable organization founded by Peter and Melanie Munk to support Canadian institutions involved in the study and development of public policy.

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