CIGI International Law Research Program: First Consultation Workshop on International Intellectual Property Law

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 12:00 PM
McCarthy Tétrault, Toronto, Canada
Aug 13

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss research proposals related to the following topics and develop a more detailed research agenda in relation to international IP law, including identification of partners to collaborate on the various research projects:

International intellectual property (IIP) law:

  1. IIP and international investment and trade law related to green\clean technology
  2. Adaptation of IIP law frameworks for open innovation and collaboration
  3. Evaluating IIP rules and the advantages and disadvantages of multilateral vs. like-minded or regional IP instruments (case studies)
  4. Protecting IP rights while unlocking and commercializing IP from academic research – disseminating functional IIP knowledge to innovators (IP Law Clinic)