CIGI and Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) are hosting an international climate law and governance roundtable on international challenges in a new climate agreement. 

Law and governance can foster or frustrate efforts to implement the proposed 2015 Climate Agreement. Key international and domestic law and governance issues raised by the draft Climate Agreement text can be identified and analysed, to assist Parties and key institutions in their preparations for just and sustainable new commitments. Many countries plan to reform their laws and institutions across diverse economic, environmental and social sectors in order to address the challenges of climate mitigation, resilience, technology, finance and accountability, leading to a pressing need for legal knowledge, expertise and capacity building.

This roundtable will bring together climate law and governance experts, specialists and researchers, to exchange ideas and discuss key legal issues raised by the post-Geneva ADP text, helping to shape a law and governance research and capacity-building agenda towards the Paris COP21 and beyond. Several CIGI experts are participating on the panel, and Director of CIGI's International Law Research Program Oonagh Fitzgerald will be a co-chair. 

Event Speakers

Photo of Oonagh Fitzgerald

Oonagh Fitzgerald

Director, International Law

As director of international law at CIGI, Oonagh Fitzgerald established and oversees CIGI’s international law research agenda, which includes policy-relevant research on issues of international economic law, environmental law, intellectual property law and innovation, and Indigenous law.

David Estrin

Former CIGI Senior Research Fellow, International Law Research Program
Photo of Bassem Awad

Bassem Awad

Senior Fellow

Bassem Awad is a senior fellow and was previously the deputy director of International Intellectual Property Law and Innovation at CIGI.

Photo of Patrícia Galvão Ferreira

Patrícia Galvão Ferreira


Patrícia Galvão Ferreira is a post-doctoral fellow with CIGI’s International Law Research Program. While at CIGI, she will research the evolution of transnational regulatory initiatives to address climate change and examine how Canada can contribute to promote compliance among emerging economies with large emissions.

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