Climate Summit of the Americas: How to develop best practices for consultation with indigenous peoples in climate change mitigation infrastructure projects

Thursday, July 9, 2015 - 6:00 PM
Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, Canada
Jul 9

After the Climate Summit of the Americas closing plenary, CIGI's International Law Research Program is hosting a reception and roundtable discussion on encouraging development of best practices for consultation with indigenous peoples in climate change mitigation infrastructure projects.

Major climate change mitigation infrastructure projects such as hydroelectric power dams, transmission lines, wind farms or high speed rail corridors, have high potential to impact negatively on traditional use of indigenous territories, indigenous knowledge and practices.  Handled well, however, with timely and inclusive engagement of indigenous communities in conducting environmental and socio-economic impact assessments, project planning, implementation and ongoing consultation and  co-management, such projects can bring benefits to the local indigenous peoples as well as the broader national and international communities.

The roundtable discussion, organized and moderated by ILRP Director Oonagh Fitzgerald and Senior Research Fellow David Estrin, will include Senior Fellow and human rights activist Bianca Jagger, indigenous leaders and other relevant experts and stakeholders who will consider whether there are examples from Ontario, Canada and the Americas, where effective engagement with affected indigenous communities has helped secure license to operate and strengthened the long term sustainability of the projects; and consider how to develop, disseminate and implement best practices for indigenous engagement in climate change mitigation infrastructure projects.

Event Speakers

Oonagh E. Fitzgerald was director of international law at CIGI from April 2014 to February 2020. In this role, she established and oversaw CIGI’s international law research agenda, which included policy-relevant research on issues of international economic law, environmental law, IP law and innovation, and Indigenous law.

CIGI Senior Research Fellow David Estrin’s career has combined environmental and resource law, policy advice, litigation, teaching and writing. At CIGI, he will be focused on international environmental law issues. One of his projects examines governance and regulation of the extractive and energy sectors in light of rapidly evolving international law expectations for enhanced environmental protection and corporate responsibility, and the linkages of these issues to human rights.

Bianca Jagger is a CIGI senior fellow with the International Law Research Program. She is an expert and advocate for human rights, civil liberties, peace, social justice and environmental protection. An acclaimed advocate, Bianca is founder, president and chief executive of the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation and is Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador.