Community Event: "Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - 7:00 PM
CIGI, 57 Erb Street West, Waterloo, Canada
Jan 27
Adam Kahane will discuss power, our desire to achieve our own purposes, and love, our desire to heal the whole, as complementary drives that are both required to effect sustainable social innovation and change. Kahane will draw on his extensive experience with designing and leading complex multi-stakeholder change processes to offer practical guidance for effectively balancing these two--always present, usually polarised, often undiscussable--drives. Tickets $25 (includes a copy of "Power and Love" and a reception with Adam Kahane) For further information about this event, please email: [email protected] This Waterloo Lecture on Social Innovation is sponsored in part by CIGI.

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