COVID-19 Disinformation: What Have We Learned to Prepare Us for Future Disruptions?

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 11:00 AM
Private Event: Virtual Event
  • Claire Wardle
  • Clare Melford
Jun 30

Participation in this event is by invitation only

The past few years have seen a series of events disrupt the information ecosystem, from disinformation campaigns targeting successive elections (e.g. US, Canada, EU, Brazil) to violent extreme events shared online (Christchurch). Each has exposed weaknesses in government, platforms and societal responses. Both benign and hostile actors have tried to learn from each experience to better protect against and exploit these situations, as each iterates on the last. 

None has captured this as clearly as the recent COVID-19 infodemic, which saw a massive ramp-up of false information shared around the world spreading fake cures, racist tropes, and anti-science messages, and generating real-world attacks on health-care professionals, telecommunication workers and minority communities. As the COVID-19 infodemic is succeeded by new disinformation related to the international Black Lives Matter protests, this second session held on Tuesday, June 30th will provide policymakers the opportunity to consider what we have learned that will help prepare us for future disruptions.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Claire Wardle, Co-founder and Director, First Draft
  • Clare Melford, Co-founder and Executive Director, The Global Disinformation Index

This event is by invitation only. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at [email protected]