Advances in digital communication technology have helped create a landscape of global political power that is much more complicated now than it has ever been. Empowered by said advances, many non-state actors are leveraging this power to challenge traditional centres of power across a number of areas related to international relations, including finance, diplomacy and journalism. In this lecture, Dr. Taylor Owen will explore how these technologies are destabilizing processes that for over a century have shaped the world of international affairs, and have given rise to a new form of disruptive power.

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Taylor Owen

Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia

Taylor Owen is assistant professor of digital media and global affairs at the University of British Columbia and a senior fellow at the Columbia Journalism School. His doctorate is from the University of Oxford and he has been a Trudeau and Banting scholar, an Action Canada and Public Policy Forum Fellow, the 2016 Public Policy Forum Emerging Leader, and sits on the governing council of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

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