The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) hosts the CIGI ILRP First Consultation Workshop on Emerging International, Transnational and Domestic Law Issues in the Relationship between Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples.  

CIGI is committed to using high-quality research and its networking capacity to inform and advance public policy debates on the most pressing global challenges of our time. How extractive industries interact with indigenous peoples in their areas of operations domestically and internationally is a pressing and cross-cutting issue for the International Law Research Program (ILRP). The ILRP is interested in contributing to the development of robust governance frameworks to address these critical relationships.  The ILRP intends to design a research agenda building on the best results of academic research and practical experience of extractive industries and indigenous peoples, to develop policy solutions to address the outstanding international, transnational and domestic governance challenges.

The purpose of this consultation workshop is to discuss the Emerging International, Transnational and Domestic Law Issues in the Relationship between Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples. This workshop will examine outstanding law and governance gaps in, and emerging law and governance frameworks for, the relationship between extractive industries and indigenous peoples, in respect to human rights and environmental protection and community engagement and development, in extractive industry operations within Canada and abroad.  Through this workshop CIGI ILRP hopes to develop a more detailed research agenda and strategy on this aspect of international, transnational and domestic law, and identify research partners who would be interested in contributing to this research. CIGI ILRP is looking to build research partnerships with individuals and institutions with interest and expertise on this topic.


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