In an event co-hosted by CIGI and the Peterson Institute, the panel will engage with the future of the euro area from a variety of vantage points -- historical, financial, and monetary -- all with an eye to the prospects for further integration.

Distinguished economic historian Harold James, professor at Princeton University and CIGI Senior Fellow, will present his new research on the historical precedents for Europe rebounding from its crisis.  Nicolas Veron, Peterson Institute Visiting Fellow, will address the longer-term future of the banking system, and what is realistically achievable in the plans for Banking Union.  Dr. Ardo Hansson, Governor of the Bank of Estonia, will address why Estonia and other small liberal EU member economics still find the euro and EMU attractive to them over the longer-term.  Jacob Kirkegaard, Peterson Institute Senior Fellow, and Domenico Lombardi, Director of CIGI’s Global Economy program, will provide critical discussion of these provocative assessments of the Euro Area’s future.

This is also the launch event for the inaugural CIGI Essay on International Finance, by Senior Fellow Harold James.

Event Speakers

Photo of Harold James

Harold James

Senior Fellow

Harold James is a CIGI senior fellow. He is Professor of History and International Affairs and the Claude and Lore Kelly Professor of European Studies at Princeton University.

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