Future Canadian Opportunities & Challenges

Friday, June 10, 2016 9:00 AM
  • BSIA Students

On June 10, Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Waterloo graduate students will be presenting policy briefs to Global Affairs Canada as part of the 2015-2016 CIGI Graduate Fellowship (CGF) program.

A unique feature of the Balsillie School of International Affairs’ experience, the CGF program is a professional development program run in partnership with the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Canada’s leading international affairs think tank. During the program, students gain mentorship and guidance from senior scholars and policy practitioners as they advance their own research and writing skills. CIGI provides each graduate fellow with up to $15,000 over three terms, participates in the mentorship and training of the graduate fellows.

As a contribution to foresight and research activities at Global Affairs Canada, students have been conducting research and policy analysis on new and emerging trends that could significantly impact the world in five- to ten-years’ time, in order to help the Government of Canada adapt Canadian foreign policy to the changing and evolving nature of the global operating environment in the 21st century.

Below is a full list of the briefs that will be presented.

Regional Security

  • Land Reclamation in the South China Sea – Colin Chau, Terry D’Andrea, Lee-Shan Tse
  • Natural Resource Extraction in Canada’s Artic – Nicole Georges, Jessica Powell, Tahnee Prior

Humanitarian Engagement, Climate and Disease

  • The Climate, Migration and Security Nexus – Christina Botas, Carly Hayes, Joshua Darby MacLellan
  • Environmental Migration and Displacement: Strategizing at the Regional Level – Betina Borova, Michael Opatowski
  • Tomorrow’s Global Humanitarian Architecture – Rasha Abu-Meizer, Uzair Belgami, Stacey Haughton
  • The Changing Burden of Disease: Non Communicable Disease in the Global South – Bemnet Debebe, Ricarda Konwiarz, Tatiana Wugalter
  • E-Justice – Taguhi Dallakyan

Transition, Innovation and Governance

  • Repositioning Canada’s Relations with Emerging Economies – Raluca Ardelean, Ryan Haughton, Matthew Henderson
  • Is Global Energy Governance Ready for BRICS? – Anastasia Ufimtseva
  • Understanding the Nature of State Capitalism in the Global Economy – Anton Malkin
  • Natural Resource Extraction and the “Social License to Operate” – Aviva Silburt
  • Game-Changing Technologies – Tyler Cesarone, Rupinder Mangat, Patrick Segsworth

Inclusive Growth and International Development

  • The Power of Remittances: Migration and Women’s Empowerment in Morocco – Harrison Ellis, Nikita Shah
  • The Global Food Landscape: Interconnected Issues, Fragmented Governance – Jacob Hayes, Heather Harkness, Derek Orosz
  • Youth Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa – Rebecca Bell, Aramide Odutayo, Sarah Yoder
  • Africa’s Development Corridors – Charis Enns

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