Global Platform Governance Network Performance Measurement Working Group (July Meeting)

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM
Private Event: Virtual Event
Jul 28

Participation in this event is by invitation only

CIGI and Reset have partnered to create the Global Platform Governance Network (GPGN). The GPGN is a global community of civil servants, legislative staff and regulators committed to a collaborative and harmonized approach to address pressing issues related to digital platform governance.

With the support of experts, over three sessions, the working group will address three key questions for governments as they seek to govern digital platforms more effectively:

  • Have we identified the right problem(s) in digital platform governance? If not, what are the underlying issues that should be the focus of our efforts?
  • What does “success” look like for digital platform governance, and how will we know when we achieve it?
  • Once we have identified the problem(s) we need to address and know the end state we want to aim for, how can we know whether the steps we are taking are effective?

The intention of this session is not to definitively answer these questions, but rather to flesh them out and develop a framework to help governments and civil society move their individual efforts forward in a more coordinated way.

This work will also feed into the transparency and research working groups. Determining what we need to know to understand whether our interventions are effective and achieving their goals will help clarify what data we need from digital platforms and governments to track progress.

This session of the Performance Measurement Working Group will focus on existing government models and data requirements.

To learn more about the GPGN, please contact [email protected] 

Event Speakers

Chris Beall is the policy lead, platform governance, with the digital economy research team at CIGI. Chris was most recently the founding director of the Digital Citizen Initiative at the Department of Canadian Heritage.