Global Platform Governance Network Transparency Working Group (March Meeting)

Friday, March 26, 2021 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Private Event: Virtual Event
Mar 26

Participation in this event is by invitation only

CIGI and the Reset Initiative are pleased to host the Global Platform Governance Network Transparency Group.

The goal of this group is to harmonize transparency efforts internationally. The group will be supported by experts and civil society leaders, and will produce fact sheets and commission research that can be used by network members.

This first session will focus on questions around what good transparency requirements should include, what should be the focus of transparency, what is meaningful information for regulators and how regulators can verify the information independently. Many countries launching initiatives in this area are focusing efforts on requiring platforms to open up about political advertisements or specific areas of spending. During this session, we will discuss the risks and benefits of these and broader requirements, as well as voluntary and legislated approaches.

Please note that to complement our regular session, we will be hosting for the second part of our session the European Democracy Action Plan team, which is leading a consultation on its legislative proposal on the transparency of sponsored political content. This will be a concrete opportunity to discuss the reasoning behind this legislative approach and to share input for a meaningful contribution.

The next sessions of the Global Platform Governance Network Transparency Working Group will focus on the powers of regulators and the role of civil society (May 25) and the limits of democratic oversight and international cooperation on transparency measures (July 27).

For more information on the network and this working group, please email [email protected].

Event Speakers

Chris Beall is the policy lead, platform governance, with the digital economy research team at CIGI. Chris was most recently the founding director of the Digital Citizen Initiative at the Department of Canadian Heritage.