Alongside the 2015 IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, this event will explore the role of the IMF in the Eurocrisis.

 Experts will explore the following questions:

  • Given the ongoing negotiations over further loans for Greece, how can the IMF encourage reforms in light of challenging domestic political developments? 
  • Going forward, how can the IMF revise its operational role in the EU?
  • What institutional arrangements might best enable the IMF to resolve future debt crises?
  • Can EU-IMF cooperation as reflected under the Troika serve as a template for future cooperation between global and regional financial institutions?

CIGI Senior Fellow Miranda Xafa will present at the event.

CIGI Senior Fellow Paul Blustein will attend as a discussant.

Event Speakers

Photo of Miranda Xafa

Miranda Xafa

Senior Fellow

Miranda Xafa is a CIGI senior fellow. Miranda focuses on sovereign debt crises and drawing lessons from the Greek debt restructuring for future debt crises. Previously she served as a member of the executive board of the IMF in Washington, DC.

Photo of Paul Blustein

Paul Blustein

Senior Fellow

 Paul Blustein is a CIGI senior fellow. An award-winning journalist and author, he has written extensively about international economics, trade and financial crises.

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