Investor State Arbitration between Developed Democracies: A Policy under Challenge

Friday, September 25, 2015 8:30 AM EDT (UTC–04:00)

Investor-state arbitration (ISA), also known as Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), by which a foreign investor is entitled to sue a state for damages resulting from the alleged violation of an applicable bilateral investment treaty or an investment chapter in a regional trade agreement, has come under scrutiny in many parts of the world. But in no countries has it been subject to greater scrutiny and challenge than in developed democracies. The criticisms in developed democracies have become sufficiently strong for it to be necessary to raise the question of whether recourse to ISA is appropriate in any form in developed democracies.

The papers prepared for this conference by leading experts from a number of developed democracies review the experience of ISA within each of these jurisdictions with a view to understanding the debates that have occurred in each one. The conference will thus provide a unique opportunity to compare and discuss the experience of a wide range of developed democracies. The focus is on developed democracies: but the implications of this debate for the whole international community is very much in mind.

This conference is addressed to diplomats, scholars, government officials, students, lawyers, political scientists, national media, interested NGOs and members of the public.

A light breakfast and lunch will be served, and a cocktail reception follows the conference.   

All persons attending are requested to register by Friday, September 18.

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