Northern Lights
Northern Lights

The Centre for International Governance Innovation is please to collaborate with the 2018 Northern Lights Conference to host an important high-level panel on the future of development in the North American Arctic. 

Over the past 10 years, the North American Arctic has grown in political and economic relevancy. Issues such as resource development, climate change, and sovereignty have brought new threats and concerns to the region. These issues will bring both challenges and opportunities for the subnational jurisdictions of the North American Arctic, and for those who live there. 

The panel will convene an unprecedented gathering of Northern leaders for an interesting discussion regarding the economic and social challenges and opportunities faced by those in the North American Arctic, as well as what role each territorial, regional, and national government can play in ensuring the success of this key region. 

Event Speakers

John Higginbotham

CIGI Distinguished Fellow and Head of Arctic Program

The Honourable Sandy Silver

Premier of Yukon

The Honourable Bob McLeod

Premier of Northwest Territories

The Honourable Paul Quassa

Premier of Nunavut

Suka Frederiksen

Minister of Independence, Foreign Affairs and Acriculture of Greenland

Byron Mallot

Lieutenant Governor of Alaska

Jennifer Spence

CIGI Fellow