The Ottawa Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations - Centre for Trade Policy and Law

Thursday, March 8, 2007 - 12:00 AM
The Centre for Trade Policy and Law (CTPL), Ottawa, Canada
Mar 8

A simulation to generate new ideas and interests for the Doha Round of the WTO.

CTPL is planning to host "The Ottawa Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations" to achieve the following objectives:

* Illustrate realistic scenarios for a possible resolution of the current impasse in the Doha Round of WTO multilateral trade negotiations;
* Promote interest in Canada and internationally in the Doha Round and in the WTO system more generally;
* Increase understanding of the dynamics of decision-making and problem-solving in a multilateral environment through support for youth participation in model multilateral assemblies
* Provide a model for future simulations of international trade negotiations

Description of Activity

* 10-12 teams, representing countries/coalitions with interests that are influencing the current Doha Round negotiations, will be assembled to participate in a realistic simulation of the next steps of the negotiation of terms of a possible multilateral agreement. Teams will include representatives of both industrialized and developing countries, and representation from all regions of the world
* CTPL and its sponsors will invite university teams from across Canada to participate. Each team will be encouraged to integrate their preparations and participation into their courses
* Each team will be required to research thoroughly the position of the country/coalition they represent. Each team will either have an advisor from their respective institution or will be assigned one from CTPL
* All preparations, position papers and news releases, and other information for the simulation will be posted on a special CTPL website for this event
* The assembly will be chaired by former Canadian WTO Ambassador Sergio Marchi
* The results of the simulation will be posted on the CTPL Ottawa Round website for further use by trade negotiators, researchers, and policy analysts involved in multilateral trade negotiations. The website will also continue as a forum for exchange of ideas on multilateral trade issues
* The simulation will take place during a week long series of activities at Carleton University on WTO- and other trade-related issues