CIGI-sponsored sessions at the Canadian Economics Association’s (CEA) annual conference provide a forum for Canadian economists to engage leading policy experts, in a dialogue on timely topics of national and international importance.

Topics for the CIGI Session at CEA 2013 will include: uses of central bank balance sheets in the conduct of conventional and unconventional monetary policy; liquidity support; emergency lending support; international spillovers; forward guidance; and, exit strategies.

CIGI Distinguished Fellow Paul Jenkins, a former senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, convened the following panel of leading experts in this area: Domenico Lombardi (chair), CIGI; Steven Ambler, Université du Québec à Montréal; Pierre Siklos, CIGI and Wilfrid Laurier University; Christopher Ragan, McGill University; and, Pierre Duguay, former deputy governor of the Bank of Canada.

Note: This session is only open to CEA-registered delegates.

Event Speakers

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