Think20 Seminar: What to Expect from the G20 Brisbane

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - 3:00 PM
Sydney, Australia
Oct 28

CIGI Senior Fellow Barry Carin will be a panelist for a seminar on the "State of the Think20".

How has the Think20 progressed in 2014? What is the main contribution the Think20 can make to the G20 process? How does the Think20 compare with the other G20 ‘engagement partners’ – B20, C20, L20, Y20? What can be done to make the Think20 more effective?

The Think20 is a network of think tanks and academics from G20 countries that are working to provide an important analytical input into the G20 process.

Event Speakers

Barry Carin is a CIGI Senior Fellow. He has served in a number of senior official positions in the Government of Canada and played an instrumental role in developing the initial arguments for the G20 and a leader’s level G20. Barry brings institutional knowledge and experience to his research at CIGI on the G20, international development, energy and climate change.