Workshop: Crossing Silos Strategy Session

Friday, April 24, 2009 - 8:30 AM
CIGI, Canada
Apr 24

Discussing how to more effectively manage national strategies that involve multiple dimensions of an implementation from armed interventions to nation building to economic benefit is a very topical subject for Canada and the world. This is a major challenge for governments since effective management of this issue requires “crossing silos”. The strategy session will take place in a roundtable format featuring less than 40 participants in order to encourage everyone to substantively contribute to the discussion. The objective of the session is to discuss and determine themes by which research can be conducted over the coming years as Canada moves into post 2011 engagement scenarios both at home and abroad. This research aims to consolidate Canadian government resources dedicated to ensuring security, governance, and reconstruction in failed and war-torn states. Ultimately, a report will be published on a not-for-attribution basis that will detail the findings of the session and serve as a guidepost for future research activities.