Workshop: Globalization and the Making of Canada: Canada's International Economic Linkages from the Fur Trade to the 21st Century

Friday, January 29, 2010 - 1:00 PM
Woerner House, 2283 Roseville Road, North Dumfries, Canada
Jan 29
This workshop is sponsored in part by CIGI. Any questions about this workshop should be sent to [email protected] If you wish to attend the workshop, please contact Andrew Smith before 10 January 2010. About the workshop: Globalization is transforming Canada and the world. Moreover, it is a process whose roots go back a long time. For many people, the term globalization refers only to developments in the last few decades. The reality is that there have been successive waves of globalization going back centuries. The papers presented at this workshop will show that globalization has been transforming Canada since the time of the fur trade. The picture above of a ship leaving Halifax harbour in the 1830s is, in a sense, documentary evidence of early globalization. By some measures, the world was more globalized in July 1914 than it is today. The fact that there have been successive waves of globalization and de-globalization helps to falsify the widespread notion that the process of globalization is inevitable or irreversible. The research presented at this workshop will also remind us that globalization is historically contingent and shaped by the decisions by policymakers and other actors. Another aim of the workshop is to connect Canadian historiography with the burgeoning body of literature on the history of globalization and international trade. For further details about the workshop, speakers and for the full agenda, please visit the website below.