Workshop: "Security in Iraq"

Monday, August 3, 2009 - 12:00 AM
Washington DC, US
Aug 3

CIGI has partnered with the Henry L. Stimson Center to produce a workshop series entitled “Iraq’s New Reality.” This series of four workshops taking place between June and December 2009 will bring together various Iraqi, US and Canadian politicians, journalists and other experts to examine specific issues affecting the newly emergent post-war Iraq, particularly its relationship with the regional community and the United States.

Ellen Laipson will host the second meeting of the series, “Security in Iraq,” on August 3-5 at the Stimson Center’s offices in Washington. Participants from the first workshop as well as Ambassador Edward Gnehm, Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield Jr., Mr. Charles Duelfer, Mr. Charles Dunne and Mr. Michael Eisenstadt will convene to discuss various aspects of Iraq’s security environment.

Event Speakers

Mokhtar Lamani is a Senior Visiting Fellow at CIGI working on research projects involving the Middle East and the Islamic World.