ACUNS: Adaptive Leadership and Values for Global Citizenship

  • David Shorr
  • Ted Piccone
  • Maria Rost Rublee
June 7, 2011

ACUNS: Adaptive Leadership and Values for Global Citizenship

Saturday’s second session, moderated by David Shorr, a program officer at The Stanley Foundation, was on “Adaptive Leadership and Values for Global Citizenship.” Panelists Ted Piccone, from the Brookings Institution, and Maria Rost Rublee, from the University of Auckland, discussed topics such as the role of the UN in implementing human rights as well the nuclear nonproliferation regime.

David Shorr, Program Officer, The Stanley Foundation


Ted Piccone, Deputy Director Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution
Global Politics and Multilateral Diplomacy: The Democracy and Human Rights Dimensions
Maria Rost Rublee, Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland
Norm Contestation within the Nuclear Nonproliferation

Plenary Sponsored by The Stanley Foundation

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