The fifth round table of CIGI'11, which focused on other issues and trans sector coordination, was chaired by CIGI Vice President of Programs David Dewitt. Panelists included Sue Horton (CIGI Chair, Professor, University of Waterloo), Kathleen Newland (Director of Migrants, Migration, and Development and Refugee Protection Programs), Margaret Catley-Carlson (WEF Water Security Agenda Council: UN Secgen Advisory Board on Water), Debra Steger (CIGI Senior Fellow and Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa) and Shinichi Kitajima (Senior Associate Fellow of the Japan Institute of International Affairs).

As world leaders prepared for the next G20 Summit in Cannes in November, CIGI’11 looked deeper into the G20 process with sessions on issues confronting the global economy, while more broadly developing innovative proposals for global governance.
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