Corporate Citizen, a New Book about the Corporation’s Role in the Global Economy

Speaker: Oonagh E. Fitzgerald

September 17, 2020

Corporate Citizen, a New Book about the Corporation’s Role in the Global Economy

Over the last several decades, we have seen the rise of multinational corporations with operations around the world. Corporate Citizen looks at how, in a globalized world, these corporations can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Through foreign investment and establishment of global supply chains, multinational corporations can lower costs of production and gain access to new markets. These mighty transnational corporations are at home anywhere, are treated as key stakeholders in both national and international governance discussions, and yet they only owe duties to their shareholders.

While international environmental, human rights and labour standards are well established, they have yet to be adequately brought to bear on global corporate citizens, which continued to invest, divest, restructure and arrange their affairs for maximum profit to their shareholders and minimum legal liability and financial accountability to the communities in which they operate.

Corporate Citizen highlights the important role of the multinational corporation in today’s global economy and explains how domestic and international law could be strengthened to govern their conduct and ensure they comply with widely recognized international human rights laws, labour standards and environmental standards.

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