Ending the Cycle: Leveraging Tech, Data and Governance to Combat Human Trafficking

Series: Speaker Series
December 11, 2019

Ending the Cycle: Leveraging Tech, Data and Governance to Combat Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a significant global issue that affects nearly 25 million people. However, tackling this issue requires coordinated efforts between multiple groups at a local level. Law enforcement, social organizations, and governments all play a significant role in identifying and combating this activity. There are also unwilling participants, such as hotels and banks, that play a role in facilitating this activity. Each of these stakeholders collects volumes of data that, collectively, could be utilized in a way to paint a much richer picture of where human trafficking activity is happening. Connecting these disparate data sources, identifying technological solutions to leverage these assets, and implementing effective governance structures will play a significant role in reducing the impact of human trafficking.

In November 2019, a special Communitech Data Hub Session, in partnership with the Centre for International Governance Innovation, hosted a panel of experts who explored the diverse challenges of tackling human trafficking. The panel included representatives from the banking sector (TD), law enforcement (Waterloo Region Police Services), digital forensics (Magnet Forensics), counselling/crisis support (Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region) and legal/policy expertise (CIGI). The panel sought to uncover the problems stakeholders face in getting to the root cause and explored potential solutions that can contribute to helping those on the front lines tackle this issue.

Content Warning: Please note that this video includes frank discussion of a topic that is potentially sensitive for some.

From September to May each year, the CIGI Speaker Series are presented on important international topics to raise public awareness and understanding on a variety of current global issues. This series features some of the most prominent and acclaimed figures in their respective areas of global governance.
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