The G20 Final Declaration - What to Look For

Series: G20 Los Cabos
June 20, 2012

The G20 Final Declaration - What to Look For

G20 experts, James A. Haley, Colin Bradford, and Andrew Cooper, provide commentary on the Final Declaration from the leaders at the G20 Los Cabos Summit 2012, in addition to answering questions from audience members. 

James A. Haley reviews the key risks to the global economy and expresses an anticipation for European leaders to move forward with strengthening the existing institutional gaps in their financial system.

Colin Bradford discusses the pressure felt by leaders to address the issues in Europe, the challenge of linking stability to financial growth, delivering equity in financial markets, and the "laundry list" of green growth.

Andrew Cooper reviews the shift of the G20 in Los Cabos from crisis committee to steering group, with long-term topics prominent on the agenda. He sees the largest deliverables as the increase in IMF funding, particularly from the BRICS, and the movement towards a European banking union.

CIGI experts discuss in-depth governance issues and challenges from the G20 Los Cabos Summit 2012.
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