How Has Canadian Manufacturing Fared under NAFTA?

Series: Speaker Series
October 11, 2017

How Has Canadian Manufacturing Fared under NAFTA?

With North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations under way, trade-reliant industries across North America are waiting to hear what the modernized trade pact has in store for their jobs, profits and the future. On October 3, 2017, Senior Fellow Jeff Rubin asked the same question: how has the auto sector fared under NAFTA, and what can it expect following renegotiation? 

Jeffs lecture challenged traditional wisdom on investment, labour and automation in manufacturing during NAFTA’s tenure, all of which is echoed in his recent paper titled How Has Canadian Manufacturing Fared under NAFTA? A Look at the Auto Assembly and Parts Industry.

Following the lecture, former Globe and Mail business correspondent Kevin Carmichael moderated a question period between Jeff Rubin, CIGI’s Deputy Director of International Economic Law Hugo Perezcano Diaz and Unifor’s Bill Murnighan.

From September to May each year, the CIGI Speaker Series are presented on important international topics to raise public awareness and understanding on a variety of current global issues. This series features some of the most prominent and acclaimed figures in their respective areas of global governance.
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