Reconstructing a failed state is a complex endeavor with countless facets, from political shifts to ethnic reconciliations. Branka Marijan, a Ph.D. candidate in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA), joins podcast host and CIGI Chair of Global Security David Welch for a discussion on the evolution of approaches to peacebuilding. Shifting away from the institutional perspective, new scholarship suggests a need for local knowledge and context in rebuilding efforts. Following a review and comparison of the situations in Bosnia and Northern Ireland, Branka closes with a comment that while it will always be a challenge to tackle the "messy" cultural and identity aspects involved in peacebuilding, engaging at the local, grassroots level is the best hope for successfully facilitating a rebuilding process.

Back for a third season, join host and CIGI Chair of Global Security David Welch for this popular, weekly podcast as he meets with global governance experts for timely discussions on issues related to the core areas of CIGI expertise: Global Economy, Global Security & Politics and International Law.
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