As governments continue to respond slowly to climate change, what new modes of thinking could better address this pressing global issue? What impact can businesses, organizations and individuals have at the local level? Simon Dalby, CIGI chair in the political economy of climate change, visits Inside the Issues to discuss the many facets of climate geopolitics. Dalby considers the evolving security aspects of climate change, at both the national and international levels. He also suggests a need to move beyond states to address climate change geographically and the importance of trying to bridge the gap between environmental science and politics. As a final thought, the discussion considers what we need to do in order to achieve a sustainable Anthropocene, including reconsidering our basic frameworks for housing and transportation.

Back for a third season, join host and CIGI Chair of Global Security David Welch for this popular, weekly podcast as he meets with global governance experts for timely discussions on issues related to the core areas of CIGI expertise: Global Economy, Global Security & Politics and International Law.
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