With 6.4 million people living in South Africa with HIV, how is the country managing the impacts of this health epidemic? How are neighbouring nations, with far weaker economies, faring? This week, CIGI Chair in Global Health Alan Whiteside visits the Inside the Issues studio to discuss the impact of HIV AIDS on economic development in Southern Africa. Whiteside provides a brief background on the HIV epidemic, then speaks to the range of social and health issues nations are currently facing as a consequence. The conversation touches on governance challenges, international funding, and the impact of migration before moving on to explore the idea of an "AIDS economy."

Join co-hosts David Welch, CIGI Chair of Global Security and Dr. Andrew Thompson for the fourth season of Inside the Issues — a weekly podcast series — as they share timely and candid discussions with global governance experts on issues related to the core areas of CIGI expertise: Global Economy, Global Security & Politics and International Law.
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