New Technologies Challenge Freedom of Thought

Speakers: Mai Mavinkurve Maroussia Lévesque

February 21, 2024

New Technologies Challenge Freedom of Thought

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology is more than just a tool — it is a powerful force influencing our deepest thoughts and choices. From big data’s manipulation of elections to the prospect of brain implants reading our minds, technology’s impacts are far-reaching. The now widely publicized instances of how targeted advertising and content incite risky behaviours and distort self-perceptions among teenagers are particularly alarming. This all underscores the urgent need to address the threat that technology can pose to our autonomy, to our relationships and to societal cohesion. In this video Mai Mavinkurve and Maroussia Lévesque preview the myriad ways in which emerging technologies are challenging traditional guardrails established to protect inner freedoms, and the profound implications for our capacity to maintain control over our thoughts and opinions.

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