On the eve of the G20 Leaders Summit 2014 in Brisbane, Australia, two CIGI experts addressed a pre-summit conference hosted by Griffith University and the Munk School of Global Affairs, cosponsored by CIGI's Global Economy program. On day one of the Nov. 13-14 conference held at Brisbane City Hall, a panel on Economic Growth and the G20 featured presentations by CIGI Distinguished Fellow Thomas Bernes on "The Framework, MAP, and Two Percent More Growth," and by CIGI Senior Fellow Bessma Momani on "Reforming International Financial Institutions." Rounding out the panel, moderated by Griffith Business School Associate Professor Rob Bianchi, were keynote speaker Sam Walsh, CEO of Rio Tinto Group, and Robert Milner, Australia's B20 Sherpa.

CIGI experts discuss in-depth governance issues and challenges related to the G20 Brisbane Summit 2014. For more commentary and analysis from the summit, visit CIGI's G20 thematic.
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