As we move into a third decade of technology-driven social and economic change, start-ups are beginning to address problems in heavily regulated sectors such as healthcare and education. Because of this, close collaboration between governments and the technology sector will become increasingly important. Evan Burfield, an angel investor and venture capitalist who works with tech start-ups around the world, explains how the technology sector should evolve in light of this transformation.

Greg Stanford, the consul general, US Consulate General Toronto, introduced Evan and kicked off the event by outlining how Canada and the United States should be cooperating in the technology sector. Following Evan’s presentation, he sat down for a discussion with CIGI’s Aaron Shull.

From September to May each year, the CIGI Speaker Series are presented on important international topics to raise public awareness and understanding on a variety of current global issues. This series features some of the most prominent and acclaimed figures in their respective areas of global governance.
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