Is getting heard by policy makers a matter of who you know, or can innovative ideas stand on their own merits? The third and final session of the conference "Can Think Tanks Make a Difference?" features a panel made up of international experts who explore the idea of how to attain policy influence. Featuring: Rohinton Medora, Tiffany Jenkins, Patricio Meller, David Mitchell and Antonia Mutoro.

In September 2011, on the occasion of the opening of the CIGI Campus and its 10th anniversary, CIGI hosted a conference on the topic of its very existence: "Can Think Tanks Make a Difference?" The event featured a keynote address and three roundtable discussions with Canadian and international experts on the role of social media in policy innovation, whether governments care more about politics than policy, and the issue of influence - who has it and how to get it.
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