Shifting Powers: A Discussion with NORAD on Innovation and the Evolving Threatscape

Series: Speaker Series
November 28, 2019

Shifting Powers: A Discussion with NORAD on Innovation and the Evolving Threatscape

Trends in global economic development are shifting the relative power of states. Great power competition has returned to the international system. We are moving away from a unipolar world to a multipolar world - the impact of which is a challenge to the Western designed security system. This creates more space for state and non-state actors to exercise influence.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) maintains its priority for over 60 years; the defense of Canada and the United States. NORAD defends Canadian and United States airspace and warns against missile and maritime threats.

NORAD's strength is its ability to evolve and meet the challenges posed by the changing defence and security environment. NORAD has served as the first line of continental defence against an air attack for over 60 years. Through strong cooperation between Canada and the US, NORAD deters, detects, and defeats air threats to the U.S. and Canada. Today's security environment, however, is more complex than ever, characterized by trans-regional, multi-domain, and multi-functional threats.

Lieutenant-General Christopher Coates, Deputy Commander NORAD, came to CIGI in November 2019 to offer insights on the evolving threatscape in an ongoing effort to enable discussions on North America's current and evolving threats. Following the presentation, Lieutenant-General Coates was joined in discussion by Aaron Shull, CIGI's Managing Director & General Counsel.

From September to May each year, the CIGI Speaker Series are presented on important international topics to raise public awareness and understanding on a variety of current global issues. This series features some of the most prominent and acclaimed figures in their respective areas of global governance.
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