Trade, Internet Governance, and Cross-Border Data Flows

May 14, 2015

Trade, Internet Governance, and Cross-Border Data Flows

Taking place from May 14 to 15, 2015, the Conference on Internet Governance and Cyber-Security brought together over 40 thought leaders including leading Columbia University faculty from SIPA, business, law, engineering, journalism; Global Commission on Internet Governance Commissioners and affiliated researchers; influential US and international policy makers, entrepreneurs, legal experts, technologists, and corporate executives from around the world.


  • Gordon Goldstein, Managing Director & Head of External Affairs, Silverlake


  • Nick Ashton-Hart, Executive Director, Internet & Digital Ecosystem Alliance (IDEA)
  • Susan Chalmers, Principal, Chalmers & Associates
  • Anupam Chander, Director, California International Law Center & Professor of Law, University of California, Davis
  • Victoria Espinel, CEO & President, Business Software Alliance
The emerging challenges brought about by new technologies will require novel and adaptive policy responses from governments with major input and participation from the private sector, policy makers and the academy. Only by convening these diverse interests is it likely that effective policy frameworks can be developed over time. It is with this need in mind that Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) hosted the Conference on Internet Governance and Cyber-Security from May 14 to 15, in collaboration with the Global Commission on Internet Governance.
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