As a modest actor on the world's stage, Canada has long benefited from the rules-based international order. Yet, almost daily we now hear of ways in which this system is breaking down such as in trade, peace and security, human rights and the environment.

In this panel discussion, renowned experts in international law and justice will consider key examples of the political and technological challenges facing the international legal order. They will also provide their insights into why this systemic breakdown is occurring, in what ways is it dangerous and destructive, and how it could be beneficial to rebuild a more responsive, inclusive and just international order. Drawing from dramatic examples of contestation on the world stage these experts will provide their insights into how the international order needs to evolve to bring us closer to a global system of justice for all.

From September to May each year, the CIGI Speaker Series are presented on important international topics to raise public awareness and understanding on a variety of current global issues. This series features some of the most prominent and acclaimed figures in their respective areas of global governance.
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